Ralphster has been in business for many years, and has earned a reputation for carrying the largest selection of exotic specimen found online. Unique to his site are also some combo packages which bring together some interesting strains into easy to purchase packages.

We’ve made several purchases from Ralphster, and can confirm that the products are good, and shipment times are around 5-7 business days.

In terms of communication, we’ve had emails which go unanswered, though we attribute that to the (presumed) large number of orders they fulfill each day. If email correspondence is something that is important to you, this may not be the site for you.

The lone negative about the site is that it is CASH ONLY, which greatly extends the purchasing process for all. Don’t be fooled by the look of the site – this isn’t a scammer site. We’ve had all of our mail-in orders fulfilled.

BOTTOM LINE: This is one of the oldest mycology sites around; (normally) you can trust the folks at Ralphsters to take care of your (cash) order.

Largest selection around
Cash only
Mail-in orders only

24 thoughts on “RalphstersSpores

  1. Have had a dozen orders from Ralphstersspores.com delivered within 5-10days. I don’t see any problems with them. They take cash or money order, very convenient IMO. I wouldn’t order from anyone else

  2. They (canadian ralphsters) cashed my $60 MO, and haven’t updated my order or responded to my emails for almost 3 months. Maybe he died, but even the american site hasn’t responded to emails…sad, but I think it’s a scam now.

  3. It is my belief that Ralph is a scammer since he totally failed to deliver the spores or respond to my email queries. I ordered on June 23rd and sent my money order shortly after, and have not had my payment confirmed or the spores sent to me.

    I tried to contact Ralph three times to ask if my payment had been received, and even though I met the excessively particular conditions he asks for in order to receive an email response, I got none. I’m very disappointed by the lack of any service whatsoever. Whether or not he actually received my money is unknown to me, but it is very possible that since this was a small personal purchase, he thought there would be no repercussions if he scammed me. This is not an isolated issue. I have read many accounts of people’s small personal spore purchases never being delivered, and he is no longer a trusted source on Shroomery due to circumstances like mine.

    DO NOT TRUST this crooked website.

  4. I’ve had the exact experience as Stephan. Quick to receive payment but 2 months later still nothing. I’ve contacted the U.S. Site and there response was “contact Canadian site” after I explained the Canadian site was unresponsive for more than 5 emails over the course of 2 months.

  5. Ralph is a junkie piece of shit that does not stand by his 100% bullshit guarantee . He sells fake bullshit and blames you for his dirt bag mistakes. Fuck you crackhead ralph

  6. Ordered $100 from Ralphster Spores end of May, 2015. Money order was received, cashed by June 7 and I received an email stating that payment was received by june 20th. Its now July 20 and still nothing. My status hasn’t changed to “shipped” yet, it still says “payment received”. No emails have been answered.
    Don’t order from this site!!!!

    1. DOH! This sort of review is terrible – we will adjust the rating to reflect this. If the issue resolves, please reply!

  7. Well..ordered in January, had emailed Ralphsters many times and then didn’t get back to me, so here I am. 🙁 Have been ordering from Ralph for literally years, 7+, without problems ever. I do hope that nothing bad happened, however I can see the website it updated so somebody is ripping us off

    Poop on Ralphstersspores

  8. Ralphsters Canada doesn’t answer emails, takes your money and either ships you bunk contaminated syringes or nothing at all and simply ignores you after he has your money. Lots of complaints recently of people not receiving their orders….rumor is he has become a junky and ripping people off.

    I urge everyone who has been taken by this con man to do something about it. Contact the BBB, postal outlet where he rents his box or Canada post directly as well as his hosting company and let them know he’s using there services to commit fraud. If you have been burned as badly as I have by this fraudster consider an Anonymous complaint to the RCMP, Crime stoppers and CRA. Fraud is fraud and this guy has taken enough people already, don’t let it continue

  9. Sent $300 in december. Ralphsters said the order would take a couple extra days. That was at the beginning of january and now its halfway through march and have had no contact since. I think ralph left the operation the whoever is running it now is just scamming off his reputation. Expensive lesson for me.

  10. We have always trusted Ralph, though it’s always a little nerve racking sending cash or money order in the mail. We prefer vendors who take CC now.. Great products tho

  11. My nephew bought spores from Ralphster’s Spores, as did his friend, about a month apart. Both were busted, exactly a month apart, right around harvest time. This cannot be a coincidence! They live in different provinces & neither has ever been in trouble with the law!!! DO NOT CONTACT THIS COMPANY FOR ANY REASON!!!

    1. To clarify, are you suggesting it’s a conspiracy? Also, you mention Provinces, is this in Canada?

      Thank you for clarifying; quite unfortunate about your experience!

    1. I’m not sure about that, I have a late order should have been here 4 or 5 days ago at latest.

      But in the past have nothing but great things to say.

      Hoping I get it soon

      1. Did the item arrive?

        It seems there is some (recent) concern about Ralphster’s, though overall they have been iconic in the industry. Folks would appreciate the update!

        1. That is certainly the case; I think he was referring to the Canadian distributor; though it’s legal there as well..

    2. I to have placed an order on the Canadian site .. it shows my money rec’d 5-7-15 but to date, they have nevered answered an email as to when they will ship my order. THey have my money and now nothing .

      1. This is a disheartening report – nothing is worse than a vendor who doesn’t follow through with their end of the transaction.

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