The folks at PS focus their efforts on providing a limited handful of the highest rated (research quality) strains around. Their “exotic” offerings contain around 20 strains, however those strains will knock your socks off! If you find that your head spins when reviewing 75-100 different strains on some sites, this may be the vendor for you.

An interesting option that sets this site apart of other is their “premium” offerings which appear to take the exotic offerings one step further. Our various tests can confirm, there are fewer aborts, and the output is pretty incredible.

BOTTOM LINE: Trusted and reliable, and currently our favorite place to shop for mycology specimen. With all the scammers on the internet, this group has earned our 5-STAR APPROVAL as a vendor that won’t let you down! Additionally, their shipping times are the fastest around, and communication about orders (and related items) is top-notch.


Fast shipping
Superb communication
Research-quality specimen
Focused only on the best strains
Trusted and Reliable
All major credit cards (and pre-paid) are accepted
For the advanced mycologist who wishes to research 50-100 different strains, this isn't the place for you.
Website isn't as nice as some of the scammer sites; (but never judge a book by it's cover!)

35 thoughts on “PremiumSpores

  1. I am very pleased with premium spores. I have ordered from them twice and on the second order there was an issue but their response was fast and professional. I was able to call and speak to someone about it and they immediately fixed the issue.

  2. Very good with customer service ,also very reliable ,I will be continue with premium spores for many future studies

  3. paid with a check on the site; old school! but order was placed ASAP and even shipped out the same day. the option was sort of hidden; checkout using the GenieCard credit card option, but then select Check22 on the second payment screen. 20th century still works!

  4. First time sending cash, was a little leery, but was thrilled to receive an email update that it had been received only 4 days after sending it. I had my items in hand a few days later! INCREDIBLY FAST turnaround. Mail-in is a great option. Plus I got a freebie! This place rocks! 10/10

  5. I mailed-in payment on 10/4, got notification from the vendor that the letter had been received on 10/7; parcel was in my hands by 10/11. Incredibly fast for a mail-in order!! and a freeie specimen!

  6. credit cards are back! YAY! cool new GenieCard payment option – means my credit card purchase can’t be seen by anyone! pretty slick.

  7. We were sad to see that credit card purchases were no longer an option; but we love the specimen so we sent in money for a mail-in order. We received an email confirmation that the mail had been received, and had the specimen a few days later. AWESOME!!!

  8. Good review, totally agree premium is legit and worthy. I’ve not had an issue across both my orders. I tried Illusion Weaver and SSKS

  9. I’ve ordered many times and I was always happy with the product, shipping, and results. There are others to choose from, but why switch when you find what your looking for at a good price? I know I’ll stay with them.

  10. awesome. This group earned our return business because they are responsive and have a clean, reliable product. Buy here.!

  11. Great review – this place is by far the best around. they options they host are the best of the rest; makes picking easy. they are all winners! the shipping speed was incredible; we ordered on a monday and had the items in hand less than a week later. WOW.

  12. BEST VENDOR AROUND! They are soooo polite and quick to respond. Order arrived in about 4 days. The specimen we received was beautiful!! GT, Thai T, and Mazapatec on our first order, Brazil and Maui P on the second. HOURS OF FUN FOR SURE! YEEEEEESSS

  13. LOVE this vendor; the 4 pack has been a good option, and the options on the site are all solid. makes the decision real easy. my wife and I have found that research is something we both enjoy!

  14. I agree with what you are spittin; great specimen. Zero failure rate throughout my research sessions. 5x repeat researcher – damn proud too! This site is on point every time.

  15. Great review! Totally agree – PS has been the only vendor to come through every time. Highlights for me: fast (cheap) shipping, extremely relevant communications, ALL-STAR strains. Favs are Brazil, SSKS, GT, Ecuador.

    1. Thanks – I’d love to hear how long the wait for delivery was also; incredible to think some of the other sites get away with 14+ day delivery ranges (see Spores101).

  16. LOVE THIS SITE! they so friendly! also, the exotics are all great. just finished the first round of research – it was wildly successful. re-ordering tonight! i’d recommend this vendor to anyone!

  17. Totally agree, I’ve been researching for a couple years now. I only do business with this vendor – sure thing everytime

  18. I have ordered from this shop more than twice and will keep coming back! They were out of a certain strain I ordered once but quickly got fresh cultures sent to me which arrived promptly and were some of the best I’ve researched.
    They have a great customers service and reply to emails a lot faster than other sites. Defiantly a big plus if there’s ever a mix up! Hands down top quality in all fields!

  19. Incredibly professional through the purchase process, and very great products, we will be ordering again in about a month!

  20. I placed my order on Christmas day, and had the package about a week later. Research went great – definitely recommend this vendor. We will be ordering again soon!

  21. Agreed – this is the only vendor I work with. Good rotation of options; they also say they get orders out the next day, which really shows – packages arrive quick after placing the order. A++

  22. GR8 results on both their exotic and premium strains and real fast shipping. i had a question and they answered like five minutes later. it was incredible. i definitely agree, they are the best.

  23. I’d also like to second your findings on Premium Spores – I’ve ordered 3 times from this website and have been very happy with the results. Notably, their customer service is better than any other website.. Seriously, hands-down incredible.

    Most exciting, the research specimen are LEGIT!

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