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Celebrated by many as the most reliable vendor when it comes to mushroom growing kits, the crew at MGK have been around for over 10 years providing quality service and setting the standard for online grow kit vendors.

We’ve made several purchases from MGK over the years and have noticed that in the past 4 years they’ve really changed their approach to customer orders. Previous to 2010 it was common to wait upwards of 10 days for an order to be fulfilled – while the product was still top-notch, that length of time to wait for your purchase was always a big “strike” against them.

However, after 2010, the 10 day windows appears to have dissipated; our most recent orders (both) arrived in under a week, with the same high quality as ever. WELL DONE MGK!

Most important – of all the kits we’ve tested from this crew, we’ve had an incredible ZERO PERCENT CONTAMINATION rate. That’s absurdly awesome!

BOTTOM LINE: THE BEST OF THE BEST – If you are new to mycology, or if you don’t like the hassle of creating your own substrate, MGK is the premier option when it comes to mushroom growing kits. Additionally, their outstanding customer support options give all purchases an added level of certainty.


Great kits for incredibly reasonable prices
Fast shipping
Great phone and email communications
In operation for over 10 years, a trusted source
Aesthetically pleasing website
Some folks have issues with component quality (though that wasn't our experience);

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