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AVOID! In a world of confusion amongst spore vendors, this site stands out as one of the more confusing. While we had a single positive experience in the past (2017), our opinion of this vendor has changed significantly in 2019. In the past few months we’ve heard that people are sending money to SOS, and not receiving product! With this in mind – SOS has been moved to the AVOID category.

Recently, our disappointment grew even more when a concerned customer started targeting other (legit) vendors accusing them as being “in cahoots” with SOS (based off some flimsy opinions). This sort of confusion is what leads folks to not trust the mycology community, and increases the level of difficulty involved in safely continuing their research.

If we were to theorize what caused their decline, it might be that a desire for cash, and a dark soul, was more than their desire to help their fellow mankind, and the research community. That’s a darn shame.

BOTTOM LINE: Their encouragement on their site that they can be trusted and that credit card companies or folks like PayPal cannot is FALSE and we’d encourage that you steer clear of this vendor.

9 thoughts on “Source of Spores

  1. The same as the rest. I sent my cash because I didn’t want to go get a money order with the covid 19. After two weeks I sent a text message to see if my order had shipped . No response. So I looked up how to check if a business is legit and I went to the BBB in the area where this outfit is located and found out this is what he does. Takes people’s money and doesn’t send product and does not return communications.

  2. I sent my money order on 6/12/19.
    It is not 6/23/19.
    I texted and emailed them this past week asking when I can expect my order to arrive.

    ZERO communication from them.

  3. This place stole my money! I placed a cash order, followed their instructions, and haven’t seen any package. I’m upset and want my money back

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