Cali Grow Kits

Had we given this review in 2009, our opinion of this vendor would be quite a bit different. However, since 2010 it seems the quality of their grow kits has steadily declined. Previously it would have been impossible to tell the difference between Midwest Grow Kits products and Cali Grow Kits.

Recently, our disappointment with their products ended with us sending back a 12 jar kit due to overly dry substrate, and very slow delivery times (possibly cause and effect).

If we were to theorize what caused their decline, it might be their diversification as a vendor who no longer focuses on mycology products and appears to be pushing all sorts of (non-myco) growing equipment.

BOTTOM LINE: Their social media campaigns may be the best part of their business model; however as a vendor we will steer clear.

One thought on “Cali Grow Kits

  1. I agree, stay away from these guys. Horrible customer service, flat out non-delivery of product, slow, dishonest response to legitimate inquiries, dollar store quality products.

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